Ryan Kortan Explains 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid for a Positive Home Buying And Selling Experience

Being human makes us all imperfect, and this is common to every human being on this planet. However, one should not feel guilty about mistakes when it comes to buying or selling a home, as one peanut-sized mistake can make your dream of homeownership slip out of your hands, and you know the end result, i.e. a considerable loss of money. Hence, in order to decline the approaching risk, Ryan Kortan – the associate broker at Heggs Realtor and the top quality realtor in Sioux Falls – lays out the common mistakes during the home buying and selling process that needs to be addressed by both buyers and sellers in an exceedingly cautious manner. 

Common Home-Selling Mistakes

With his significant residential experience in real estate, Ryan Kortan points out the following home-selling mistakes that people typically commit.

  • Staying Attached

 Your home-selling experience varies with your attachment to your ‘to-be-sold’ Sioux Falls home. Ryan believes once you have made up your mind to sell, it’s crucial to stick to the objective as it’s only you who knows your home’s hidden strengths and weaknesses. Also, write down in a diary your home’s flaws as a prospective buyer so that you don’t over-expect. 

  • Not Making Repairs

 How well your Sioux Falls home is maintained or does it need a makeover? After knowing about the expensive repairs, your prospective clients can break a deal anytime when they are made aware of this. As far as trivial maintenance is concerned, like fixing loose doorknobs, you can do it yourself to leave a good impression and receive sizable money from both hands.

High-Quality Photography Is The Key

It’s time to take out your digital camera or if you have a premium SmartPhone, then even better. Create eye-catching images of every section of your home to generate more interest in a buyer for your home and post them on Google listings. Before doing the photoshoot, meet your real estate agent over a cup of coffee and benefit from his social circle to hire a photographer that specializes in real estate photography.

Common Home-Buying Mistakes:

Similarly there is a long list of home-buying mistakes that only an experienced realtor can dictate. 

  • Getting The Vibe

Nothing matters more than finding a home that you can connect with, on an intimate level. However, at the same time, it is essential to remain levelheaded during the complicated home-buying process. Do not make the biggest mistake of letting your realtor know that you have gone crazy after the particular property. This will not only reduce the chances of negotiations; instead, you might be asked to pay more than you perviosuly imagined. 

  • Overlooking Added Home-Buying Costs

 Never do this either. A lot is happening on the other side when you decide on buying a home: Acquisition costs, stamp duties, valuation costs, loan application fees, rates, mortgage insurances, moving costs, repairs, landscaping, and aesthetic updates. Define your overall budget, keeping in view all these important factors.

  • Not Spending On An Inspector

One of the rash mistakes that Sioux Falls home buyers make is that they hesitate to hire an inspector. They don’t comprehend that it is worth the cost to hire a professional building inspector. Moreover, he’s trained to identify faults and to extract damage from unexpected areas. 

Have A Word With Ryan

To make sure the entire home selling and buying process is safe and sound, catch up with Ryan anytime for a worthy piece of advice. He’s way more flexible when it comes to his dear customers. Over a single meeting, he can make you aware of all the mistakes that can be avoided for the best possible outcomes and not get attracted to unwarranted costs.